Apple collaborates with Aetna for its health app ‘Attain’

Apple has done it again! The company known for innovation and new products has been a trendsetter since its inception by Steve Jobs.

On release of series 4 Apple wristwatches, CEO Tim Cook announced that when the future generation thinks what Apple’s most significant contribution towards humankind was, the answer would be ‘healthcare’. To further cement its position in the market of healthcare wearables Apple, in collaboration with health insurance provider Aetna will release its health App ‘Attain.’ Apple had shown interest in the healthcare sector since the year 2016 and had come up with this smart wristwatch, which it claims shall be your part guardian and part guru. It not only guides you towards developing healthy lifestyle habits but also make sure you get medical help in case of an emergency.

Attain will be available to all those covered under Aetna. The idea is to combine the previous health history to the daily activities of the user by collecting the data from his or her Apple wristwatch. The app shall create personalized goals for each user. Upon meeting those goals, the users will earn rewards in the form of gift cards or points to offset the price of the Apple watch.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 wristwatch has fitness tracker, GPS and cellular enabled, it keeps track of your heart rate and gives you a warning when finds any irregularity. It has an emergency SOS calling feature. Therefore, it will call for medical help in case it senses any rare abnormality in your breathing and heart rate. Apple has introduced FDA approved EKG feature that will provide 30 second live EKG of your heart. It has also introduced a fall detection feature. All these features are exceptionally useful for senior citizens, those who live alone, people living in areas where it is difficult to go for regular health check-ups and the ones who are bedridden.

The Attain app makes daily and weekly plans for after considering the inputs. It keeps a record of your daily activities and workout levels, suggests nutritional tips along with a sleeping plan. This app mainly takes care of your sleeping habits and helps in maintaining a healthy rhythm.

The Attain is available for download in App Store. It is available to all Aetna members who are either iPhone 5s or later series users or own at least a Series 1 watch.  Apple has been on health data monitoring which is core to the Apple Watch. The company aims at democratizing healthcare by making it possible for individuals to manage their health without making frequent hospital visits.

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