Best Google Allo Features You Should Try

Google’s developers launched an application which is called Allo. It is hard to deny that Google Allo has some exciting features whether you want the services or not. Starting a conversation with Allo is smarter than other messaging apps.

There are a few features you should know about Google Allo: 

Voice Messages

Google Allo is a great tool which helps to reply smartly. Google Allo takes care of your replies on a daily basis and helps you to give quick suggestions so that you can provide response faster and save your time. You can click and hold the microphone symbol to record your voice and send it your friends or relatives. You can make use of it on both personal chat and group conversation. You have another option of sending a voice message to Google Assistant. The Google Assistant examines your message and then provides you with appropriate details.

Hidden chat

Google Allo didn’t give you an end to end encryption but offers you the permission of making secret conversations. Hidden chats are safe and cannot see by anyone, not even a Google. To make a Hidden chat click “new chat” and then “Start hidden chat” option. After, that choose any of the contacts you would like to have a hidden chat. You can also set a timer for these types of conversations. It is of your wish in how much time you want it to be in safe mode.

Search quickly

Searching is a significant problem in some messaging applications. You may have to open every chat to search what message you are looking for. But Allo has a feature to search that message in any conversation, and the application will give the results from all the chats you had done in one place. 

Create a custom notification sounds

With the help of the Allo, you can change the notification sound of any of your contacts as per you’re like. If you want to put an important message on the top, then you can do this by opening the user’s profile, choose “Notification sound” And then select the sound you like.

Play games on Allo

Allo comes with a feature of gaming. Go to the chat you like to play in or go to the conversation with Google Assistant if you want to play alone, enter @google play games and Allo will offer the list of all the games to select from. It has a chat game, doodle, quiz, classic games, and many other games also.

Block people

On Allo, anyone can send you a message that has saved your number in their phone. It is not possible to hide your number or invisible it from the list and you can block people after staring a chat.

  • On Android, you can search user’s name in the messaging list and press until a menu list appears. After that select ‘Block’ option

•    On Apple devices, you require to go to chat, press their profile photo and choose “View profile.” After that select an option for the block the user you want.

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