Fortnite: Where to Locate Expedition Outposts for Season 7 Week 10 Challenge

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Epic Games has released a new set of weekly tasks for the season 7 week 10 of Fortnite. This Battle Royale style game is ongoing with a number of events, modes, and challenges, providing players with a lot of in-game content to explore.

With the reintroduction of Trios Limited Time Mode, gamers can form a team of three members and try their luck to survive amongst 18 other enemy teams. With the ongoing LTM event, players also have season 7 week 10 challenges to accomplish.

The list of weekly tasks includes a number of challenges with one specific task focused on visiting Expedition Outposts. To complete this task gamers have to visit four different Expedition Outposts. But the major challenge is to visit all the four Expedition Outposts in the same match.

As the designated Outposts are spread all across the map with vast distances between each other, such circumstances make this challenge very difficult to complete.

With a total of seven different Outposts on the map located far away from each other, players can use various means to cover such long distances in a short period.

 Like few Planes are available at different locations in the game, which could be flown to the targeted locations and reach the Expedition Outpost locations in no time or use zip lines to reach to the four places.

There are a total of seven different locations on the map where you can find an Expedition Outpost. But as you only require to visit four Expedition Outpost, plan out a route which would allow you to complete the challenge with minimum time required. The seven locations are mentioned below where you can spot an Outpost to visit.

  • North of Pleasant Park.
  • West of Snobby Shores.
  • North-West from the Tomato Temple.
  • West of Lonely Lodge.
  • South-West from Dusty Divot.
  • North of Happy Hamlet.
  • West from the Paradise Palms.

Players can choose any four locations from the list to complete their challenge; still one of the critical points is to remember that other players in the match will also visit the Outposts to complete this challenge as well.

Beware of any possible campers while heading towards the Expedition Outpost, as many pro players hide near the Outpost and hunt down any incoming opponents before they even reach the halfway to the Post. Hopefully, you will now be able to complete this challenge with a little ease and ultimately receive a Battle Star if you manage to finish all the season 7 tasks.

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