How to Enjoy Music on Google Play Music App

Google Play Music helps you listen to songs on your mobile and any device with an Internet connection. If you are already a member of Google account, then Google Play Music is an excellent service that is free to use.

Check out some methods to listen songs on Google Play Music App:

  1. Create an Account. 
  • Register for a Google account.

In order to use Google Play Music, you require a free Google account.

  • You will need to select a username and password. Your username will be your Google mail account.
  • Click “Agree” to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to set up an account. 
  • 2 Log in.

You will stay logged in to your account

  1. Transfer Your Music
  • Install the Music Manager.

On your first log in to Google Play Music, you will see a link in the top of the display that indicates “Upload Music.” Press on this link, and it will show you a download page for Music Manager. Install and download the system. 

  • Log in to Music Manager.

You will be asked to type your Google login details. After login in, you will be prompted if you like to upload songs or install them. Choose Upload and press next.

  • Insert your library.

Music Manager will ask to scan the folder for music files.

  • When you use iTunes, choose the first option and Music Manager will change your iTunes files so that it can be inserted easily in your library.
  • In Window Media Player you have the option of library build, select the second option to import the files.
  • You can also suggest Music Manager where to check especially on your PC, which includes My Music or any other data. 
  • Hold on for songs to upload.

Music Manager will upload your songs to your Google Play Music account. You will have to wait until your uploading completes it only depends on your internet connection speed.

  • Insert new songs that will move to the files that you had already chosen to insert to your Google Play Music library when the Music Manager is working.
  • The limit of uploading your music is up to 20,000. 
  • Insert more music to your library that music will be inserted that you were already purchased.

This music does not count on your 20,000 music limit. It can be installed to your PC with the help of the Music Manager. 

  1. Listen to Your Music 
  • Obtain your library.

 In any web browser, you can listen to your Google Play music. Move to and wait until your songs get loaded. 

  • Arrange your music.

You can arrange your music in iTunes or Window Media Player. By pressing on the arrow in the bottom of the object, here you can edit music or album details. 

  • Install the application.

Whether you have an internet connection, then you can listen to your Google Play Music library on your mobile or laptop.

  • Install the Google Play Music application from the Google Play Store in Android or the Apple App Store in iOS. The application is free.
  • Log in with your Google account.
  • You can put on your mobile to be available for listening offline music if you want to hear it without the internet. Click the menu tab for the music or album that you like to save, then Choose “Make available offline.” The music or kinds of music will install, and you can listen without an Internet connection.
  • The Google Play Music application will play the music from both online and mobile stored data.

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