How to Play Video Game from Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch Episode?

If you still haven’t watched Black Mirror Bandersnatch episode, then you must. It is available on Netflix. If you have observed already then here is a small Easter egg. Well, Going through this article will not give you any of the spoilers. But if you don’t require any hint then don’t read it. Of the two particular characters in the Bandersnatch, one is known with the name of Collin. Another one is Tuckersoft, who has a software company. You can always expect this from Netflix; it has set up a theme of the 90s, Tuckersoft website.

What is new is that it also released Nohzdyve game that has been featured in that particular episode.  Nohzdyve can be played right now. Nohzdvye is a play on the Nose Dive which is very famous Black mirror episode. It can be run on ZX Spectrum. It’s a system which got famous after the 70s, in the 90s and the 80s. The game could be played only on the ZX Spectrum. The emulator can be used on the Android phones too.


  1. If you want to run the game, then just launch ZX Spectrum such as Speccy.
  2. It can be downloaded for the Linux and the Windows.
  3. It is also available on Play Store.
  4. Just launch the proper file and keep the information to a segregate folder.
  5. Now turn over to Tuckersoft site.
  6. Tap on Nohzdyve and tap on Download.
  7. You will get a file with the name nohzdyve.
  8. Simply run speccy.exe.
  9. As soon as the program starts, open the file.
  10. Move to nohzdyve.tap file.
  11. Choose it.

The game will begin by now. Don’t worry if it takes longer to start; it usually doesn’t take a while to load.

With full of our honesty, you may not find the game really thrilling and interesting, especially if you are a fan of games such as PUBG. But one exciting thing about the game is that it is absolutely free. It is an Easter egg, so it is not worth complaining. You do one thing, spend some extra time exploring Tuckersoft site. If you are a Black Mirror fan, then you will be rewarded with eggs of Easter.  It may not appear like Bandersnatch that can be played anywhere. But it is undoubtedly given that episode is a game in itself. The game will return to specific horror. It will probably be the best.

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